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Varese is a lively town located in northern Italy, on a hilly area. Its surroundings are rich in rivers and lakes, and it is at the foot of Monte Campo dei Fiori. “Varese City Garden” is the name that perfectly describes the union between art and nature that, for many centuries, has characterized the very soul of the city. Its landscape, its architectural and artistic beauties have been appreciated above all since the 18th century, when the city became a holiday destination for prestigious Italian families. At the beginning of the 20th century the "Art Nouveau" style flourished in several European countries. Consequently, numerous Art Nouveau villas and hotels were built in the Varese area as well. The entrepreneurial genius combined with the artistic one, setting a harmonious and moving landscape. Since the last century Varese boasts excellence in sport (basketball, football, rowing and road cycling) and also in the industrial field (airplanes, motorcycles, shoes, pipes and kitchen furniture). The tourist offer of Varese is suitable to satisfy the requests of every visitor


Sacro Monte

The Sacro Monte di Varese, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2003, consists of fourteen chapels, dedicated to  mysteries of the Rosary , which lead to the sanctuary of Santa Maria del Monte, the place of  pilgrimage  since  Middle Ages , which serves as the fifteenth chapel.

The cycle path

The cycle-walkable path by the lake (I keep the photo from the old site) is a few steps from our hotel and runs along the entire perimeter of Lake Varese, meeting the towns that overlook its waters. The route, all flat, extends for about 30 km, does not present any difficulty; it is suitable for families and passes through woods and meadows with suggestive views of the surrounding mountains, especially the Alpine chain and the Campo dei Fiori Park. There are numerous tourist attractions offered by the neighboring villages along the route. Among the most significant, beyond the Cloister of Voltorre, the Isolino Virginia with the Archaeological Museum and the little church of the Madonnina della Riva in Azzate.

The Brabbia swamp

The Brabbia swamp is a reserve in the municipality of Inarzo mainly dedicated to the conservation of birds. With over 150 species present during the various seasons, it is an important nesting site for aquatic species and a fundamental resting area for migratory birds. Among the various species we find the Ferruginous Duck, the Marzaiola, the Bittern, the Red Heron, the Water Rail, the Mallard, the Moorhen, the Little Grebe, the Gray Heron, and the Kingfisher. The presence of birds of prey is also consistent, with buzzard, honey buzzard, marsh harrier, black kite, harrier and the very rare osprey.

The Reserve is freely accessible every day of the year and there are paths, information panels and three bird observation huts. At the Visitor Center, located in the town center, you can find information material and organize guided tours.


Rowing boasts a long and prestigious sporting tradition in Varese supported by 13 clubs. For lovers of sailing there are several sailing clubs. There is no shortage of opportunities to juggle canoeing, kayaking and windsurfing.



is a riding school affiliated to the Italian Federation of Equestrian Sports since 2000 and recognized as a National School in 2003, an important title issued to only a few schools throughout Italy. In 2009 it was recognized by the FISE, thanks to the results obtained in the national and international field,  School of Excellence.
The main activity is the teaching of English riding at all levels.
We organize theoretical and practical courses for the achievement of competitive licenses; we follow the preparation from the first steps up to international competitions of the three Olympic disciplines; show jumping, dressage and complete.
The school provides beginners with ponies and horses prepared and suitable for those who want to approach horse riding safely. The pony club welcomes children from 4 years of age.

Cazzago Brabbia iceboxes

A deeply rooted local tradition linked to fishing in Lake Varese has allowed the spread of these buildings that characterize the landscapes of the village. The Cazzago Brabbia ice-houses, entirely built in stone, were built at the end of the eighteenth century, along the shores of Lake Varese.












These constructions were raised in order to be able to preserve the ice and fish caught in Lake Varese; in fact, from time to time they were filled with slabs of ice that detached from the lake in winter; during the colder season, Lake Varese almost completely freezes.  These blocks of ice were then wrapped in blankets and transported by wagons inside these buildings, where the ice was kept for even a whole year.

Promozioni: Spazi per eventi
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